• Balneario de la Alameda in Valencia


24 / 11 / 2016
Balneario de la Alameda is unique in Spain for its uniqueness, both for the properties of its waters and architecturally and for its location in the center of a large city.

The decoration created by Carlos Serra de Mercader de Indias is based mainly on enhancing the essence and elegance of this emblematic building of Valencia built for the Regional Exhibition of 1909. The imposing entrance door of this building leads to a large semicircular hall of more than 200 m2, where Carlos Serra has created a great hall for relaxation and rest before or after treatments.

In order to achieve the warmth required by this space, natural materials and colors have been chosen, including a wide range of stone and beige colors that take on sofas, carpets and textiles.

The entrance presided by a reception of unpolluted white emulates the old furniture used for these purposes with quarters and moldings, as well as the back of the same piece of furniture. The reception is located in the center of this semicircular space and separates the two large rest areas, in which six different spaces have been designed through textile panels with interior lighting and groups of sofas, armchairs and small tables.

Another of the most outstanding pieces are the large vegetable motifs that decorate the few existing walls and that are undoubtedly the nexus of union with the large interior garden that the building enjoys.

Also the tea bar, in white lacquered wood with paneling and moldings and on persian white marble, as well as the reception, is another of the main pieces of this spacious room designed by Carlos Serra. The furniture chosen for the terraces and the interior courtyard have a clear modernist style that fuses with the aesthetics of the building to create a very special atmosphere.

The spring of the mineral-medicinal water of the Spa of the Alameda, of magmatic origin, arises to 632 mts. Depth and with a constant temperature of 43 ° C. For its physicochemical properties are indicated in dermatology, rheumatology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and anti-age.


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