• Travel - Príncipe Island

    Chapter II


08 / 05 / 2016
It’s in a Dornier 228 that we cross the 87 miles separating both islands. The silhouette of Príncipe starts to define itself before our eyes, covered by impenetrable layers of greenery, peaks that soar abruptly into the sky and flanked by deserted beaches and crystal-clear water. An untouched piece of paradise hovering over the immensity of the ocean. Our heart drums faster (mine surely not being the only one on board doing this) while we appreciate each second of this colossal vision of an island that is 31 million years old.

Waiting for us is Senhor João, our experienced guide who takes us to Bom Bom, an idyllic resort on the island’s northern coast. Upon arriving, the Manager Sérgio Duarte and his attentive team take care of us, ensuring we feel at home. On the veranda of our bungalow we meet Chaplin, the famous grey parrot, curious and sociable, who perches close to us, also welcoming us to what is, after all, her own house. The last rays of the sun fall over the sea, and just a few metres away, it beckon us to swim in its warm water. Back in the bedroom, we are once again attracted to the spacious veranda, eager for contact with the lush natural surroundings. And we indulge in this ecstasy, faced by this panorama of natural beauty that delights our senses.

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Text: Joana Jervell
Photos: Carlos Cezanne

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