Mitte Karakoy Restaurant

05 / 12 / 2018
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Photography: Fevzi Ondu
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It’s in the Karakov neighborhood, Instanbul’s hipster quarter, that we find Mitte Karakov, a former theatre building transformed into a cocktail bar and restaurant with a modern aesthetic and sophisticated attitude. Sami Savatli was the company responsible for the development of the project, who wanted to bring together an elegant environment with a warmth design.

Inspired by the building heritage, the result is just a combination of eclectic elements like the handcrafted ceramic, the Italian Terrazzo flooring, the brass lamps and the raw iron-legged tables. The wooden hand painted ceiling in the foreground, embedded with 166 wooden blocks of abstract designs, is a bold detail that contributes to an unique gastronomic experience of fine dining,

With its wonderful energy, Mitte is a comfortable and inviting space, offering not only a wide range of drinks and cocktails, but also an appealing menu, with dishes from Istanbul’s straddle of East and West to flavors of India, Indonesia, Japan and China.