Prairie Avenue Residence

30 / 01 / 2019
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Located in Miami Beach, close to the ocean, this residence was conceived by Rene Gonzalez as a vacation home for a client living most of the year in a colder climate.

Starting with sustainability as a fundamental premise, the need to elevate the house to be at higher ground, due to the serious challenge of sea-level, became a priority. As a result, everything was done to adapt traditional precedents to contemporary living. Elevated on columns, on the ground level of the residence one finds the gardens, areas for parking and storage, “providing a safe haven for the inhabitants during hurricanes and flooding”, explained the studio.

The fluidity between the ground areas and the upper level is established through a retractable bronze stair that lifts into the belly of the house when not in use. On the elevated floor, a sculptural garden provides drainage and becomes a changing element viewed differently depending on the fluctuating levels of the water below.

Responding directly to the surrounding environment, to the owner’s needs and to a timeless approach, this home offers a dynamic dialogue between the landscape and the materials, and, as Rene Gonzalez believes, “one has the sensation of being inside a sequence of floating planes elevated from the ground and oriented to the sky”.