Simplicity meets Technology

01 / 10 / 2016
Location: Orihuela | Alicante | España
Year: 2016
Area: 260m2
Photography: David Zarzoso 
One of the leading Spanish informatics consultants in the implementation of management software for analytical laboratories, Cointec, is developing a project for the complete renovation of their offices in Oribuela, in Spain.

In charge of process is Dot Partners that kept their mission, by being able to offer architectural construction based on principles of functionality, durability and beauty.

The space was presented raw, with only a metal structure built to support a mezzanine. The project has drafted a layout which aims to promote a feeling of spaciousness, creating a continuous space compartmentalized only through the precise positioning of furniture and glass partitions that visually connect the different rooms.

The staircase and restrooms are located in the back of the room, allowing for a larger area of free space in the front area. A central beam provides the storage space required for workspaces and space for air-conditioning and ventilation equipment.

The material aspect of the project is characterized by the use of a continuous concrete floor, which connects every room of the office and harmonizes with the brushed stainless steel frames of the partitions. The stone used to build the bench located in the hall is intended to create a contrast with the pavement and accentuates its uniqueness.