Bombay Sapphire Distillery

A project by Heatherwick Studio
24 / 03 / 2015
Photography: Iwan Baan
Heatherwick Studio developed the project for the new Bombay Sapphire complex in Hampshire, England. With more than 40 existing industrial buildings, the gin company brought the whole space in order to integrate a distillery and a visitor’s centre.

Two majestic greenhouses became the most relevant elements of this project. The most recent technological advance in glass, influenced the curved design of the structures that are interconnected with the distillery building. The “umbilical” connection with the building allows for the heat produced during the distillation process to be used to heat up the greenhouses (check the scheme below).

Together, the two greenhouses grow the 10 exotic plants needed for the distillation process of Bombay Sapphire. One contains a tropical humid environment, while the other recreates the temperate and dry Mediterranean climate.