Le Petit Mool Store

13 / 10 / 2016
Photography: Its.Ivo Tavares Studio
Le Petit Mool is a new brand, concept store and portuguese studio that values design and creativity but also functionality and sustainability.

Their passion for design and architecture led them to develop a brand that offers kids a unique comfort atmosphere. They believe that spaces designed for children, like rooms or playrooms, must respond to their needs and follow their growth but also tell funny and inspiring stories.

Selected products that go from furniture to lighting, but also decorative objects, carpets, textiles, wallpapers and toys, highlight the details as an essential part of this adventure. The project for the concept store/office “Le Petit Mool” had as main goal to create a unique experience for the client that reflects the brand’s values. Originally with 42 m2, the creation of the mezzanine, enhanced by the double-height celling, allowed to separate services. The store is located at the entrance floor and the office at the first floor.

The “little houses” define different spaces: the reception is limited by the highest house extended to the superior floor, ensuring a storage area. The smallest house is connected to the store windows, projecting the interior for the exterior.

We chose white as the base color of the project to highlight the importance of the products, with the exception of the stairs and the removable shelves in natural wood – beech wood. The lighting helps to enhance the idea of an imaginary world, reproducing the impression of a sky filled with stars.