Miguel Sotto Mayor

02 / 10 / 2019
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Photography: Courtesy Miguel Sotto Mayor
Words: Joana Jervell 
Living in Leça da Palmeira, Miguel Sotto Mayor spends his time between graphic design and illustration. The enthusiasm for drawing began at a tender age, and nowadays it is mainly with a black pen and watercolour that he best expresses his creative universe.

Do you remember when you began to draw?
Miguel Sotto Mayor: I have always enjoyed drawing. When I was at school, my notebooks and books were always full of drawings, but it was at university that I began to draw more frequently, always carrying a notebook and pen around with me.

What do your illustrations communicate?
Until quite recently I had a freer style. I used to get a blank sheet of paper and lines, faces and other elements would appear. I really enjoyed seeing the sheet filling up and coming to life. Initially, it was just with a black pen but, later, I used watercolours to bring colour to the paper. I express myself best through the illustrations I do rather than through words, but I like the idea that whoever sees them interprets them in their own way.

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