Classic Serenity

California, USA
03 / 01 / 2018
Interior Design: Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors
Photos: Richard Powers
Words: Patrícia Ramos 
The Interior designer Ohara Davies-Gaetano imbued the structure of this home, with its traditional characteristics, with her decoration and the result is an experience inspired by modern classicism. The interior designer and her team wanted “the home’s design to be harmonious, both indoors and out, in a way that despite the classic style of the architecture, we could still interpret the design in a way that made it a bit simpler and softer and more in line with the way we live today.”

Here the proprietors – a young couple – have the chance to travel back into French history, with this being their “magic place to relax and entertain their friends over long weekends”, Ohara reveals to us.

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