Lina Bo Bardi

Exhibition that celebrates the years before emigrating to Brazil
16 / 01 / 2015
The exhibition at the Maxxi Museum in Rome celebrates the 100th anniversary of Lina Bo Bardi's birth, the Italian architect that became renowned after emigrating to Brazil, where she lived practically all of her life and left an extensive legacy.

The show is entitled Lina Bo Bardi in Itália. «Quello che volevo, era avere Storia» («What I wanted was to have a History»), is focused on the period before she moved to Brazil. This phase portrays the time the young Lina Bo Bardi spent in Italy after finishing her studies in Rome, her hometown; as well as her editorial activity in Milan during the war years, when she couldn't work as an architect; and ends with her journey by ship to Brazil with her husband Pietro Maria Bardi.

Runs until 15 March 2015.