'15 years of Interiors in Portugal', the first book by Attitude

24 / 07 / 2018
Price: 20€
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To celebrate the magazine’s 15th anniversary, Attitude Interior Design just launched a special commemorative edition, that brings together exclusive photos of Portuguese Interiors. “15 years of Interiors in Portugal” is the first chapter of many in the mature history of Attitude, filled with some of the most eclectic and distinct interiors from north to south of the country, including Madeira island.

“Although the fact that Portugal is enjoying unprecedented popularity is no longer news, we do have the responsibility to disseminate what we do. This volume is an example of just that: interiors which, at first glance, could be found anywhere around the world but, which, due to their very particular and traditional characteristics, reflects perfectly the Portuguese essence”, explained the director Carlos Cezanne.

Every chapter shows different areas of the houses and is introduced by a short manifesto, written by some of the most active participants since the magazine’s first number. The exclusive images, all photographed by Carlos Cezanne, have been produced exclusively for the magazine’s publication and reflect not only the concept of our publication, but also some of the most beautiful and unique interiors in Portugal.

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